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Nature-Focused coaching & wellness services

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I believe in a nature-focused mind body connection.
When we are calm, centered and committed to personal growth, amazing things can happen.
— Brittany
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coaching programs

Learn more about my recently launched playbook Planting Positivity, a guide to growing well.

With a background in psychology, and professional and sports coaching, I enjoy helping others get from where they are to where they want to be. 

Staying connected to the natural world can make it easier to reach your goals.

To share its nurturing effects, I am creating Plant Based Personal Growth programs. Nature has helped me stay calm in the rush of busy life in New York City and nature can help you too. Together, we can focus on plant growth and personal growth at the same time. 


pause with plants

In any moment, when you feel the need to hit 'pause', join me on my Pause With Plants podcast. Together we will breathe in nature and breathe out stress.

5 minute imaginative meditations focused on nature bring mindful moments to your day.

#PauseWithPlants is a hashtag shared by our community of plant lovers on Instagram. Join in and follow my plant-filled journey on @PausewithPlants and @IHaveThisThingWithUrbanJungles

Pause with Plants Custom Meditations and Nature-focusEd Mindfulness TO INCREASE BRAND VALUE.

Custom meditations and mindfulness messaging can offer self-care wellness benefits to your customers, increase their connection with nature, and add value to your brand.





breathe in Nature


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