Create it! for Teens

A personal coach is like a sports coach for your life

Create it! for teens is an age appropriate blend of both the kid and adult sessions. During the teenage years, the fun and frivolity of youth is met with increasing adult related challenges and more positively, desires and goals. As a Sports Coach and Personal Coach, my goal is to be a compliment to your current family dynamic by providing an external source of encouragement, support, and confident-building. We will share in mind body exercises, hands on activities, compassionate conversations, and positive speak to establish creative paths towards problem solving, improved confidence, increased daily joy, and developing tools to manage stress and reach goals.  

Personal Coaching can help teens...

  • Enjoy their creativity and build confidence
  • Meet challenges at school and with peers 
  • Build resilience for personal and family transitions 
  • Learn how to deal with anxiety and live a mindful positive life

Personal changes and feelings can be amplified during the teenage years. The practice of mindful enrichment activities and constructive non-judgmental conversation with a trained coach can help teens feel good about themselves, enjoy their relationships, and encourage a positive outlook.


Session structure: 60 mins 

  • Mind-body awareness practice and relaxation
  • News of the week and creative conversation facilitated through play*
  • Review current life events
  • Consider the week's positives & challenges
  • Practice of positive mantra
  • Set short & long goals of the week

*play can include puzzles, Legos, crafts, games, bracelet making, coloring, or other activities that your teen enjoys involving his/her mind and hands.



For all ages, my sessions are confidential unless a child or young adult gives me permission to discuss our conversations with their parents or they have disclosed something that I need to pass on to Social Services.