Planting positivity

I plant positivity so i may grow well.

Planting Positivity offers a nature-focused approach to personal growth & wellness that allows you to flourish. This playbook provides:

+ a path to increased positivity

+ while honoring who you are

+ elevating what is good

+ nourishing a solution-focused mindset

+ fillable Positivity Action plan

With Planting Positivity you’ll explore the positive benefits of plants and self-awareness, practice mindful #PausewithPlants moments and apply helpful tools to design your own unique action plan to plant positivity in your daily life.

Your life path is all about the choices you make every day. By defining short or long-term goals, practicing mindfulness and developing actionable steps, these coaching programs create an intentional process for change.

Planting Positivity compliments the community driven Instagram @Ihavethisthingwithurbanjungles where combine a love of nature and plants with meditative practices and expertise in psychology and personal coaching, and the podcast Pause with Plants.

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To my coaching programs, I bring experience as a NYU Certified Coach with an MSc in Psychology. in this playbook, I offer useful tools and insights for you to plant seeds of optimism and positive action.

welcome to brittany gowan coaching

With experience as an NYU Certified Coach, seven years of coaching in a variety of settings, an MSc Applied Psychology,  and a love of people and nature, I’m creating innovative personalized coaching programs in Plant Based Personal Development.

Focused on your mind-body connection and a nurturing relationship with nature, these coaching programs will encourage wellness, and provide clarity and creative thinking to bring about action oriented positive change in your life. 


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