Simple ways to better connect with nature and bring mindful moments to your day.

I created  #PauseWithPlants to focus on nature and bring mindful imaginative moments to your busy day. Start your first Pause With Plants 5 minutes of mindful imaginative mediation here!

Plants and natural surroundings can bring calm into our lives, relieve stress  and encourage positive emotions while helping us to feel connected to the earth and ourselves.

Life can be hectic but together we can find a few minutes to press pause… breathe …..and bring our attention to nature. Pause with Plants meditations will help us manage stress and respond mindfully to challenging situations.

The mission of Pause with Plants is to provide different ways to take control of our active lives, our behaviors and attitudes by becoming more in tune with our breath and soaking up the restorative qualities of nature.

By taking slow cleansing breaths we can better control our heart rate and our response to stressful events. And by focusing on the natural world, we can feel gratitude and relaxation. I look forward to sharing Pause with Plants meditations with you.

My meditations will guide you into the wonders of the natural world, from a botanical garden to an imaginative urban rainforest, all with the intention of providing centering calm and peace. In any moment, when we need a “pause” before we hit “play” again, I suggest we start pausing with plant life.

I’m excited to start this mindful journey with you. I’ve always been curious and a lifelong student of human behavior.

Last summer I completed a Master’s in Psychology to compliment an undergrad degree in Psych and a professional coaching certificate from New York University. I love being a cheerleader and coach to help others get from where they are, to where they want to be. I value the mind body connection and believe that when we are calm, centered and committed to self-care, amazing things can happen.

I’ve lived in New York City for almost ten years, and appreciate when urban settings collide with the natural world. I love seeing shades of green in a concrete jungle and always believe in the value of bringing nature indoors, especially in city settings.

This love of city life, nature and plant life led me in May 2017 to begin the Instagram account @Ihavethisthingwithurbanjungles. I hope you enjoy following my plant filled journey.

Nature has always helped me to stay calm in the rush of busy life. Together we can take charge of our wellness and self-care at home, on the go, and in the workplace.

Thanks for joining me. Now let’s Pause with Plants.