Create it! for Kids

Create it! for kids involves the combination of mind-body exercises, fun activities, and conversation about what is going on in their life, at school or home, with friends or family, and anything else they want to share. As a Sports Coach and Personal Coach, my goal is to be a compliment to your current family dynamic by providing an external source of encouragement, support, and confident-building. I work one-on-one to provide your child with compassionate, productive conversation while participating in tactile mind / hand-craft activities. 

Challenges at school and with peers, family transitions, and personal anxiety can put a strain on their early years. The practice of mindful enrichment activities and compassionate conversation with a trained coach can be a help them feeling good about themselves, benefit their relationships, and encourage a positive outlook.

Session structure: 45 mins 

  • Mind-body awareness practice and relaxation
  • News of the week and creative conversation facilitated through play*
  • Practice of positive mantra
  • Goals of the week

*play can include puzzles, Legos, Playdough, bracelet making, coloring, or another activity that your child enjoys involving their mind and hands.

A personal coach is like a sports coach for your life,
helping you feel good and reach your goals. 


For all ages, my sessions are confidential unless a child or young adult gives me permission to discuss our conversations with their parents or they have disclosed something that I need to pass on to Social Services.