Create it! combines Mind-Body Enrichment & Personal Coaching designed for Women, Kids & Teens based on Applied Psychology, Sports Coaching principles and Mindfulness

A personal coach is like a sports coach for your life, helping you feel good and reach your goals. 

My approach to teaching ice skating combines fun and encouragement with concentration. Create It! is the off-ice version of my coaching style. Create it! offers individualized programs of mind/body activities and compassionate conversation to facilitate creative thinking, self-awareness, confidence, motivation, and positive attitude and actions. Sessions incorporate creative outlets like arts & crafts, music, movement, play and games. Create it! coaching is customized for each person to...

  • Enjoy creative experiences  
  • Learn to live mindfully in daily life
  • Gain self-awareness and confidence
  • Manage stress and set goals

 Enrich your life with mindfulness, creativity, and progressive conversation.